This series, Down the Rabbit Hole, has been influenced  by our current political situation.

This series, Revenge of the Paperdolls, consists of hundreds of tiny paintings in frames I constructed  or found.  They are miniature portraits of real women who are connected with art....artists, curators, writers, museum personel, etc.  They are in agressive, militaristic poses, often bearing weapons.

This body of work, Offspring, was made in response to noticing parent's lives being totally consumed by parenting, while children were being totally consumed by electronics.

The series, Paperdolls, began with a single, nude photograph. I printed copies of that image and painted clothing over them in acrylic.

While wandering the streets, I began to focus on the real street people,  the ones with nowhere else to go.  I've tried to underscore the horror by identifying them only as locations, further emphasizing the tendency to see them only as part of the landscape.  I hope that by doing so, we might see them in a more humane manner. I extended this idea in my next series, Home Décor.

The Encounters series consists of hundreds of small  (5" x 7") acrylic on paper paintings. 

Edgewater Ballroom is a multimedia installation including a video and a series of photographic prints that combine painting and digital manipulation.

In the installation, Domestic Architecture, barely discernible audio of a man and woman arguing loudly eminate from speakers hidden behind each of the doors.

Details - an installation consisting of several hundred small unique bronze castings--various heights up to 14 inches